Final Title Sequence & Post Card with Synopsis

So I also included a postcard of the poster and on the back was the synopsis. This is the back, the front is the poster














Here is the final title sequence…sound and all….Yay!


New poster, DVD, packaging and title sequence

I kept working on the items from previous post to make them a bit better….here they are

Not much needing changing on the poster, but with feedback from Hannah and the class I changed the size of ‘Two Chickens Presents’ to change the hierarchy of how the poster was reading.










After receiving feedback from Hannah that my DVD looked ‘like my poster slapped on a DVD’ I changed it up a bit and came up with this…it still follows the same branding but is definitely a different price to the poster, a stand alone item.









After a lengthy discussion about the DVD packaging…..of which I was throughly confused….it was explained to me that the packaging I had done did not fit the brief. So back to the drawing board this time instead of trying to be clever I just used the template they gave us. and put my branding on it.

so this is what I have done so far….this is just the outside die line..the inside I was thinking just the plain wall. Now to wait for feedback from Hannah and to make changes accordingly.

My title sequence hasn’t got sound yet but I will edit it to the music I decide on….

Poster, Dvd Label and DVD Packaging

So……I picked which poster to use and created a DVD label and DVD packaging  to go with it…..

Finished Poster










And finished DVD label










I did a couple of test prints of the DVD label and found that it came out very dark….I had to adjust the opacity of the  background image so when text was placed on top it could actually be read. I will have do a couple of test prints of the poster to see if I have the same problem.


I decided to do a simple DVD package that would fit on A3 max to make it easier to print. I pulled the opacity down to match the DVD label. This will be in inside of the packet….haven’t decided on the outside yet.

Movie Poster

Ok so I tried the whole cutting out of the bike….didn’t work. The image I found wasn’t good enough resolution so I tried taking my own and then cut that out…still didn’t work! So I simplified my idea for the poster, keeping the same idea but changing the images used on the poster slightly.

I have three possibilities so far

It’s Been A While!!!

Wow it sure has been a while since I last wrote about my work!

So to get you up to speed this is what has happened.

Two Chickens Logo 

Now I have my logo I need to make sure it will work in both full colour and mono… you can see the chickens themselves don’t actually work in mono.











So….back to the drawing board.

I played around with the chicken shape, position of their beak and eyes. Finally I have….

And mono…


Movie Poster

The time has come to start thinking about possible movie poster for our 2 min film. Just image searching gave me a great place to start with some great inspiration.

Found some posters that I liked and put together this moodboard….

I was loving the paper craft, old signs and screen printed look, The photo of the paper bike and eye in the background out of focus is amazing and it got me thinking….that would look awesome with a cut out of the City Cycle bike (the subject of our film). So thats what I’m going to do. The photo is in black and white and fades to black which will look nice on a poster. My idea is too make the photo black and white however IF I can figure it out I would like the eye ball to be in colour. Don’t know which colour…maybe the City Cycle yellow????

I put together the following mockup using the photo I found. For the type I will try and find a font that looks screen printed or screen print the titles myself….ooohh actually that would be nice… to find a tutorial on how to screen print…..













Step one in creating my poster….cutout bike. I found a nice picture of one of the City Cycles, live traced it in Illustrator, now all I have to do is print it and cut it out. Stand by for that outcome, mean while here is the original and live traced version.


Two Chickens!!

So I finally have my production logo….

It’s simple but I like it. It still contains Kath & Kim and I love the font.

I have been working my way through the tutorials we have been given for After Effects and I really like the program!

They are not very interesting but I am happy I can animate.

Tutorial One

Tutorial Two

And this is my attempt at a quick animation for my logo

Research For Title Sequence

I have been looking for tutorials for After Effects and for inspiration for my title sequence…..found this which is heavily typography based and is just awesome!!!

And this is pretty cool too..could be used for someone’s production logo

And the tutorial for that is here

I also found this great video that shows the before and after for a video clip……extremely interesting

Production Logo Storyboard

So this is my storyboard so far….although I don’t have a finished logo yet I have know it will contain the Kath and Kim vectors I made.

   Camera zooms out to show blue sky and clouds








 Camera still zooming out to show sun and landscape








   Zooming out to show coop








  Wide shot of Kath and Kim, coop and landscape








   Zoom in on Kath and Kim, background fades away and drops out of sight

Handmade Type

Designer  Tien-Min Liao began a typographic experiment using only handmade type, created by manipulating her hand gestures to create the different letters. The black ink she painted on her hands was not allowed to be  removed or redrawn in the experiment, both upper-case and lower-case were created by changing gesture or in some cases the perspective.


Check out the video for more examples!

She has also created a alphabet book using photos of Grand Central Station….. the photos are amazing!!



Kath & Kim is gone!!!!

I had my production logo concept presentation today…I had decided on the name Kath & Kim…but as everyone pointed out to me  the name Kath & Kim is trademarked. So keeping with the chicken theme the name Two Chickens was born! So Kath & Kim are still featuring in my work…it’s ok girls!

So more research is needed into animated logos. The following links contain a few different examples…..guess I better get my logo first!

Some of these are ok

But these are better!

So I still want to use the vectors of ‘the girls’ so I am thinking something like this….

So I have played with the new production company name….came up with the following….it’s still work in progress

I like the circular one but it needs a bit more work!!!

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