Cake Pops

mmmmm...cake pops

I have always wanted to make cake pops and found this recipe for them on the awesome blog A Beautiful Mess

This blog is all about everything handmade and has some great ideas for some DIY artwork and home decor. Officially my NEW favourite site.

Cake pops just seem the best of both worlds…..cake made easy to eat on a stick! I hate getting icing all over my nose/chin!

How often do you feel like cake but don’t want to eat a whole one (or waste it but leaving it so long that it goes stale?) Apparently these can be frozen. Yay! Just pull one out in the morning and by lunch it should be defrosted and ready to eat!

Anyway check out the link for the recipe and I will keep you posted on how my effort goes!

How To Make Cake Pops – A Beautiful Mess.


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