First day back at uni

Well after 139 days it was finally here……..the start of fourth semester! We started at 1.30pm, the whole gang was there, the usual people were on time and the usual people were late.

The class is Advanced Media Integration and the lecturer Hannah Cutts from Cutts Creative, we have had her previously for other subjects we all think she is AWESOME. She will tell you exactly how it is, if its crap she will tell you and if your being lazy she will push you to do better.

So the first class consisted of catching up with everyone and then diving straight into assessments. This time we have three assessments and the best part…. they are all individual! I love my classmates but group assessments SUCK!

So Assessment One in summary is……

Design & produce a 20 second title sequence for our Advanced Design Research film we will create, a production company logo, a DVD label, a promotional package and poster.

Whoa thats a lot of stuff! Well the logo, DVD, promo packaging and poster – not so bad, but the 20 sec title sequence OMG I’m going to have to learn to use After Effects again. This is kinda exciting but scary at the same time.

Assessment Two in summary is…….

You are required to participate in group discussions throughout the semester.

Ummmmm done and done. HD already!

Assessment Three in summary is……

To set up and maintain a blog as a way of recording your reflective process throughout the semester.

Well thats easy…you are reading that one already. So keep checking back for regular updates, inspiration and self reflections.

It was pretty intimidating look at previous students examples, some of them were pretty good……but some were pretty bad. I suppose with a 14 weeks to produce the final product what we hand in should be pretty great. Looks like I will be spending a lot of time finding tutorials on After Effects. On the other hand I could always ask Liam for help……ha thats laughable! Good thing I have unlimited internet because over the next 14 weeks I can see it getting a thrashing!

Step one of Assessment One…..come up with a name for my production company.

  • The Cats Meow   
  • Gantry      
  • White Noise       
  • Static       
  • Kath & Kim       
  • Noir       
  • Anticlockwise       
  • Bloom       
  • Mondo                    

 I crossed out the names that are already production companies and I’m left with Anticlockwise and Kath & Kim. Both give great visuals (for those that don’t know Kath & Kim are my pet chickens!) and both are not existing companies. I am leaning more towards Kath & Kim as I can play on the whole chicken/egg theme.

So it’s decided Kath & Kim Productions! The girls will be happy they are staring in their first assessment. Helen has already stared in a video made for a previous assessment!

Onwards I go sketching different ideas for my logo which I will post here when they are done. Keep coming back as I’m sure you will find this journey pretty interesting….well at least come back in June to see the final outcome.


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