Title Sequence & Production Company Research

Now then fun begins….

Believe it or not I actually enjoy research, that a good thing considering the Degree I am doing is FULL of research! So I started doing recon on existing title sequences to see where they started compared to where they are now.

“Fahrenheit 451″ (1966)

This title has no text and is completely spoken, very fitting for a movie in which all books are banned.

This just reiterates to me the importance of making sure the title sequence is in line with the theme of the movie!

“Watchmen” (2009)

The title sequence is very long but it has to be to fit the condensed alternate history of the world. It uses snippets of the past and an emotional soundtrack (Time’s they are a changing) to set the scene for the tone of the movie. It also uses 3D credits within the snippets themselves.

Damn video won’t embed! So link is here

“The Kingdom” (2007)

Once again the sequence is a condensed history (a prequel if you will) but this time they not only set the scene for the movie but also inform the audience of the backstory. The sequence contains strong visual info graphics…my favourite a bar graph showing the US being the biggest consumer of oil in the world, morphing into the twin towers just before they get struck by the hijacked plane. A very strong visual and really sets the scene.

The titles themselves are not the main focus and do not distract form the purpose of the introduction of the history leading up to the beginning of the movie.


So now to production company logo animations…

Found a great video with a selection of different production companies..its got me thinking what I should do.


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