It’s Been A While!!!

Wow it sure has been a while since I last wrote about my work!

So to get you up to speed this is what has happened.

Two Chickens Logo 

Now I have my logo I need to make sure it will work in both full colour and mono… you can see the chickens themselves don’t actually work in mono.











So….back to the drawing board.

I played around with the chicken shape, position of their beak and eyes. Finally I have….

And mono…


Movie Poster

The time has come to start thinking about possible movie poster for our 2 min film. Just image searching gave me a great place to start with some great inspiration.

Found some posters that I liked and put together this moodboard….

I was loving the paper craft, old signs and screen printed look, The photo of the paper bike and eye in the background out of focus is amazing and it got me thinking….that would look awesome with a cut out of the City Cycle bike (the subject of our film). So thats what I’m going to do. The photo is in black and white and fades to black which will look nice on a poster. My idea is too make the photo black and white however IF I can figure it out I would like the eye ball to be in colour. Don’t know which colour…maybe the City Cycle yellow????

I put together the following mockup using the photo I found. For the type I will try and find a font that looks screen printed or screen print the titles myself….ooohh actually that would be nice… to find a tutorial on how to screen print…..













Step one in creating my poster….cutout bike. I found a nice picture of one of the City Cycles, live traced it in Illustrator, now all I have to do is print it and cut it out. Stand by for that outcome, mean while here is the original and live traced version.



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