New poster, DVD, packaging and title sequence

I kept working on the items from previous post to make them a bit better….here they are

Not much needing changing on the poster, but with feedback from Hannah and the class I changed the size of ‘Two Chickens Presents’ to change the hierarchy of how the poster was reading.










After receiving feedback from Hannah that my DVD looked ‘like my poster slapped on a DVD’ I changed it up a bit and came up with this…it still follows the same branding but is definitely a different price to the poster, a stand alone item.









After a lengthy discussion about the DVD packaging…..of which I was throughly confused….it was explained to me that the packaging I had done did not fit the brief. So back to the drawing board this time instead of trying to be clever I just used the template they gave us. and put my branding on it.

so this is what I have done so far….this is just the outside die line..the inside I was thinking just the plain wall. Now to wait for feedback from Hannah and to make changes accordingly.

My title sequence hasn’t got sound yet but I will edit it to the music I decide on….


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