Final Title Sequence & Post Card with Synopsis

So I also included a postcard of the poster and on the back was the synopsis. This is the back, the front is the poster














Here is the final title sequence…sound and all….Yay!


New poster, DVD, packaging and title sequence

I kept working on the items from previous post to make them a bit better….here they are

Not much needing changing on the poster, but with feedback from Hannah and the class I changed the size of ‘Two Chickens Presents’ to change the hierarchy of how the poster was reading.










After receiving feedback from Hannah that my DVD looked ‘like my poster slapped on a DVD’ I changed it up a bit and came up with this…it still follows the same branding but is definitely a different price to the poster, a stand alone item.









After a lengthy discussion about the DVD packaging…..of which I was throughly confused….it was explained to me that the packaging I had done did not fit the brief. So back to the drawing board this time instead of trying to be clever I just used the template they gave us. and put my branding on it.

so this is what I have done so far….this is just the outside die line..the inside I was thinking just the plain wall. Now to wait for feedback from Hannah and to make changes accordingly.

My title sequence hasn’t got sound yet but I will edit it to the music I decide on….

It’s Been A While!!!

Wow it sure has been a while since I last wrote about my work!

So to get you up to speed this is what has happened.

Two Chickens Logo 

Now I have my logo I need to make sure it will work in both full colour and mono… you can see the chickens themselves don’t actually work in mono.











So….back to the drawing board.

I played around with the chicken shape, position of their beak and eyes. Finally I have….

And mono…


Movie Poster

The time has come to start thinking about possible movie poster for our 2 min film. Just image searching gave me a great place to start with some great inspiration.

Found some posters that I liked and put together this moodboard….

I was loving the paper craft, old signs and screen printed look, The photo of the paper bike and eye in the background out of focus is amazing and it got me thinking….that would look awesome with a cut out of the City Cycle bike (the subject of our film). So thats what I’m going to do. The photo is in black and white and fades to black which will look nice on a poster. My idea is too make the photo black and white however IF I can figure it out I would like the eye ball to be in colour. Don’t know which colour…maybe the City Cycle yellow????

I put together the following mockup using the photo I found. For the type I will try and find a font that looks screen printed or screen print the titles myself….ooohh actually that would be nice… to find a tutorial on how to screen print…..













Step one in creating my poster….cutout bike. I found a nice picture of one of the City Cycles, live traced it in Illustrator, now all I have to do is print it and cut it out. Stand by for that outcome, mean while here is the original and live traced version.


Two Chickens!!

So I finally have my production logo….

It’s simple but I like it. It still contains Kath & Kim and I love the font.

I have been working my way through the tutorials we have been given for After Effects and I really like the program!

They are not very interesting but I am happy I can animate.

Tutorial One

Tutorial Two

And this is my attempt at a quick animation for my logo

Research For Title Sequence

I have been looking for tutorials for After Effects and for inspiration for my title sequence…..found this which is heavily typography based and is just awesome!!!

And this is pretty cool too..could be used for someone’s production logo

And the tutorial for that is here

I also found this great video that shows the before and after for a video clip……extremely interesting

Kath & Kim is gone!!!!

I had my production logo concept presentation today…I had decided on the name Kath & Kim…but as everyone pointed out to me  the name Kath & Kim is trademarked. So keeping with the chicken theme the name Two Chickens was born! So Kath & Kim are still featuring in my work…it’s ok girls!

So more research is needed into animated logos. The following links contain a few different examples…..guess I better get my logo first!

Some of these are ok

But these are better!

So I still want to use the vectors of ‘the girls’ so I am thinking something like this….

So I have played with the new production company name….came up with the following….it’s still work in progress

I like the circular one but it needs a bit more work!!!

Production Company Logo Development

So today not only did research Title Sequences but I also started my production company logo concepts.

I wanted to start with pictorial logos because they are the strongest visual I think of when I think of Kath & Kim.

I stared on and pulled various screen shots into a file, printing them out and marking the ones I liked in my Process Book.

I then made vectors of Kath & Kim in both cartoon style and hand drawn style, once again printing them out and putting the ones I liked in my book.

I came up with the following combinations.













I am leaning more towards the cartoon style picture and a sans serif font. But I’m sure Hannah will say ‘push it futher and don’tbe lazy’ so I guess I still have more work to do!

Next I started on some Workmark logos.

↓ My favourite!






Once again I know I will be told to keep going, keep pushing… onward ho!



Title Sequence & Production Company Research

Now then fun begins….

Believe it or not I actually enjoy research, that a good thing considering the Degree I am doing is FULL of research! So I started doing recon on existing title sequences to see where they started compared to where they are now.

“Fahrenheit 451″ (1966)

This title has no text and is completely spoken, very fitting for a movie in which all books are banned.

This just reiterates to me the importance of making sure the title sequence is in line with the theme of the movie!

“Watchmen” (2009)

The title sequence is very long but it has to be to fit the condensed alternate history of the world. It uses snippets of the past and an emotional soundtrack (Time’s they are a changing) to set the scene for the tone of the movie. It also uses 3D credits within the snippets themselves.

Damn video won’t embed! So link is here

“The Kingdom” (2007)

Once again the sequence is a condensed history (a prequel if you will) but this time they not only set the scene for the movie but also inform the audience of the backstory. The sequence contains strong visual info graphics…my favourite a bar graph showing the US being the biggest consumer of oil in the world, morphing into the twin towers just before they get struck by the hijacked plane. A very strong visual and really sets the scene.

The titles themselves are not the main focus and do not distract form the purpose of the introduction of the history leading up to the beginning of the movie.


So now to production company logo animations…

Found a great video with a selection of different production companies..its got me thinking what I should do.

First day back at uni

Well after 139 days it was finally here……..the start of fourth semester! We started at 1.30pm, the whole gang was there, the usual people were on time and the usual people were late.

The class is Advanced Media Integration and the lecturer Hannah Cutts from Cutts Creative, we have had her previously for other subjects we all think she is AWESOME. She will tell you exactly how it is, if its crap she will tell you and if your being lazy she will push you to do better.

So the first class consisted of catching up with everyone and then diving straight into assessments. This time we have three assessments and the best part…. they are all individual! I love my classmates but group assessments SUCK!

So Assessment One in summary is……

Design & produce a 20 second title sequence for our Advanced Design Research film we will create, a production company logo, a DVD label, a promotional package and poster.

Whoa thats a lot of stuff! Well the logo, DVD, promo packaging and poster – not so bad, but the 20 sec title sequence OMG I’m going to have to learn to use After Effects again. This is kinda exciting but scary at the same time.

Assessment Two in summary is…….

You are required to participate in group discussions throughout the semester.

Ummmmm done and done. HD already!

Assessment Three in summary is……

To set up and maintain a blog as a way of recording your reflective process throughout the semester.

Well thats easy…you are reading that one already. So keep checking back for regular updates, inspiration and self reflections.

It was pretty intimidating look at previous students examples, some of them were pretty good……but some were pretty bad. I suppose with a 14 weeks to produce the final product what we hand in should be pretty great. Looks like I will be spending a lot of time finding tutorials on After Effects. On the other hand I could always ask Liam for help……ha thats laughable! Good thing I have unlimited internet because over the next 14 weeks I can see it getting a thrashing!

Step one of Assessment One…..come up with a name for my production company.

  • The Cats Meow   
  • Gantry      
  • White Noise       
  • Static       
  • Kath & Kim       
  • Noir       
  • Anticlockwise       
  • Bloom       
  • Mondo                    

 I crossed out the names that are already production companies and I’m left with Anticlockwise and Kath & Kim. Both give great visuals (for those that don’t know Kath & Kim are my pet chickens!) and both are not existing companies. I am leaning more towards Kath & Kim as I can play on the whole chicken/egg theme.

So it’s decided Kath & Kim Productions! The girls will be happy they are staring in their first assessment. Helen has already stared in a video made for a previous assessment!

Onwards I go sketching different ideas for my logo which I will post here when they are done. Keep coming back as I’m sure you will find this journey pretty interesting….well at least come back in June to see the final outcome.