Handmade Type

Designer  Tien-Min Liao began a typographic experiment using only handmade type, created by manipulating her hand gestures to create the different letters. The black ink she painted on her hands was not allowed to be  removed or redrawn in the experiment, both upper-case and lower-case were created by changing gesture or in some cases the perspective.


Check out the video for more examples!

She has also created a alphabet book using photos of Grand Central Station….. the photos are amazing!!




Sea Organ at Zadar

So I stumbled across this amazing musical instrument in Croatia, it blew my mind so I though I would share it with you.

The Sea Organ is located on the shores of Zadar and is the world’s first musical pipe organ played by the sea. It is made of 35 organ pipes locate under the white marble steps. The organ uses air created by the movement of the waves and tides to create musical chords. The velocity and size of the wave creates different harmonies.

The Sea Organ was created by architect Nikola Basic in 2005 in an attempt to redevelop the coast line that was devastated by the second world war. The organ now draws tourists from all over the world who come to listen to the unique sounds and to enjoy the wonderful sunsets with a view of the nearby islands. In 2006 the organ was awarded with the prize ex-aequo of the fourth edition of the European Prize for Urban Spaces.

The Sea Organ has recently be joined by another Nikola Basic creation, Greeting To The Sun. The installation is made up of solar powered light panels built into the pavement in a circular shape. These panels are activated at sunset and react to the music created by the Sea Organ.

So what do you think?

I love it! I close my eyes and can just imagine being there, listening to the Sea Organ, watching the Greeting To The Sun and smelling the ocean. God I wish I was there now!

On another note my weekends plans consist of a BBQ tomorrow under the Story Bridge with some friends and then Sunday I will be volunteering at the RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run. If your not doing anything Sunday you could always enter, they are taking entries all the way up to 3.30pm tomorrow.

Lauren Lucille

Lauren and I have been friends since high school and it makes me so proud to bring to you her amazing talent in singing and songwriting.

The following song Words Fly Out The Window is from her upcoming debut album and it is unreal. Now I’m not much of a Jazz fan but Lauren smooth voice and cool music makes it inviting. I could be a tad biased though! So check it out and if you like it feel free to donate to her project through her pozible.com page, or give her some love here.

The most amazing guitar player ever!!!!!

I was just sitting on the lounge thinking about what I could blog about today….then it dawned on me I want more people to see the amazing talent of Jon Gomm.

John is an English singer-songwriter and using only one guitar produces melodies, bass lines and drum beats. He started playing when he was only two!

The following video is ‘Passionflower’.

“This song is about I plant a grew in my 10 foot square backyard in the Leeds inner city. I put the seeds in a tiny tub, but it grew like a Roald Dahl story until it took over the whole yard, then one day the sun shone extra hard and 100 flowers all went “Pop!”. It was amazing, so I wrote a song for it.” Jon Gomm

Once I read the inspiration behind the song I could see it in the music.

Isn’t it AMAZING!!! And the best thing you can download it (and all his other music) for free off his website.

If you like it you should join me 24th April @ The Old Museum.

See you there!!!!


Cake Pops

mmmmm...cake pops

I have always wanted to make cake pops and found this recipe for them on the awesome blog A Beautiful Mess

This blog is all about everything handmade and has some great ideas for some DIY artwork and home decor. Officially my NEW favourite site.

Cake pops just seem the best of both worlds…..cake made easy to eat on a stick! I hate getting icing all over my nose/chin!

How often do you feel like cake but don’t want to eat a whole one (or waste it but leaving it so long that it goes stale?) Apparently these can be frozen. Yay! Just pull one out in the morning and by lunch it should be defrosted and ready to eat!

Anyway check out the link for the recipe and I will keep you posted on how my effort goes!

How To Make Cake Pops – A Beautiful Mess.